Companies are more exposed as a result of linked infrastructure

Cyber hazards are becoming more likely as key infrastructure is increasingly required of businesses to be digital. Operational technologies (OT) are still largely based on out-of-date software platforms, which, when integrated with the information technology (IT) infrastructure of businesses, exacerbate the cyber security vulnerabilities in critical equipment, according to Deloitte’s OT Cybersecurity Strategy report from this month.

linked infrastructure


Examples of the sort of dangers posed by these security flaws include targeted cyberattacks on the load dispatch units in the Indian power industry in July 2021. Four out of five load despatch units managed by the Power System Operation Corporation, a division of the Indian government’s Ministry of Power, were subjected to cyberattacks during these incidents, which are thought to have been state-sponsored cyberattacks.

linked infrastructure


3,913 vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure had been disclosed as of the third quarter of 2021, according to data from the National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Center’s (NCIIPC) Responsible Vulnerability Disclosure Programme.

IoT based Antitheft Model

Deloitte Research

The Deloitte research said that “use of old systems, improper network segmentation, a lack of strong governance, security rules, and monitoring, and unprotected remote access are contributing to increased cyber risks.”

According to Santosh Jinugu, executive director of Deloitte India, one major factor contributing to the complexity of OT security starts with the lengthy lifespan of OT infrastructure. “The OT infrastructure of businesses often has a lengthy lifespan. It could be difficult to maintain security standards when they are linked to a company’s IT infrastructure, he said.

The term “OT infrastructure” refers to a company’s physical infrastructure, which includes its main pieces of operating machinery. Core OT infrastructure, like electricity grids, oil rigs, and significant manufacturing, are being connected to IT infrastructure of businesses as digitisation ambitions increase.

linked infrastructure

“It’s not that businesses have adopted Industry 4.0 carelessly. However, there is unquestionably a security risk associated with digitising outdated infrastructure, Jinugu continued.

There are several reports that support this. For instance, a study from the civic organisation CyberPeace Foundation released in April of this year said that the Indian oil and gas sector saw over 3.6 lakh cyberattacks between October 2021 and April. An obvious example is the ransomware assault that occurred last month on government-owned oil firm Oil India Limited (OIL), in which hackers reportedly demanded $7.5 million.


linked infrastructure

OT infrastructure

Although these OT infrastructure flaws pose a risk to public services, cyber security experts claim that many faults are preventable. In its most recent semi-annual report, OT security services provider Nozomi Networks, based in the US, noted that “too frequently, overworked security teams permit human error to compromise even the most advanced defences with weak passwords, incorrectly configured networks and devices, or social engineering. In an otherwise well-defended network, many ransomware attacks start with a gullible user clicking on a rogue email link.


IoT based Antitheft Model

Jinugu also stated that one of the main causes of these failures is the scarcity of sufficient competent cyber security personnel. “Companies are employing and seeking for professionals more and more to meet their demands, yet there is a definite need,”

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