CSS also known as Cascading Style Sheets

CSS also known as Cascading Style Sheets which is the Web Designers most colourful journey. It teaches them to style web pages and layouts using CSS.

The Uses of CSS are numerous for a programmer who loves to display is art by only talking to a computer using this amazing language CSS.

Let’s see what a usually a CSS syntax is like:

Screenshot 2022-06-29 172922

Here the H2 tag is the element from the HTML we are aiming to style using CSS. Every CSS (except for inline CSS) should be written in {} these brackets. 

where can you write css code:

CSS can be written in usually 3 ways.

1.                      CSS can be written in a different CSS file by linking the file with HTML document.

2.                    CSS can be written inside the HTML document by putting the CSS code in between this tag <style></style>.

3.                    CSS can also be written on an element using a style=”” attribute.



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