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Sound Sensor

Nowadays, a lot of security events are initiated due to some sort of sound which includes gunshots, aggressive behavior, and breaking the glass. But cameras with inbuilt sound exposure facilities can add huge value to the security system. Because they give an alert automatically when real and potential incidents occur. Then immediately they activate quick and appropriate actions to reduce the consequences. This article discusses an overview of the sound sensor module.


Sound Sensor
Sound Sensor

The sound sensor is one type of module used to notice the sound. Generally, this module is used to detect the intensity of sound. The applications of this module mainly include switch, security, as well as monitoring. The accuracy of this sensor can be changed for ease of usage.

Sound Sensor
Sound Sensor

This sensor employs a microphone to provide input to the buffer, peak detector, and amplifier. This sensor notices a sound, & processes an o/p voltage signal to a microcontroller. After that, it executes the required processing.

This sensor is capable to determine noise levels within DBs or decibels at 3 kHz 6 kHz frequencies approximately wherever the human ear is sensitive. In smartphones, there is an android application namely a decibel meter used to measure the sound level.

Applications of Sound Sensor

This sensor can be used to build various electronic projects with the help of an Arduino board. For instance, this project uses a grove sensor, which fundamentally gives your Arduino’s ears. In this project, a microphone can be attached to an analog pin of the board. This can be used to notice the noise level within the nearby surroundings.

Sound Sensor
Sound Sensor

The grove sensors support platforms like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Wio, and LinkIt ONE. This sensor plays an essential role while activating the light in your office or house by detecting a precise whistle or clap sound.


Sound Sensor
Sound Sensor

Some more applications of this sensor include the following.


Security system for Office or Home

Spy Circuit

Home Automation


Smart Phones

Ambient sound recognition

Audio amplifier

Sound level recognition (not capable to obtain precise dB value)

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