What Is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a body of technologies processes and practices designed to protect networks , computer programs and data from attack damage or unauthorize access and misuse of authorized assets. The goal cybersecurity is to reducer cyber-attack and protect organisation and individual from the intentional or unintentional exploitation of security weaknesses and system , network , and technology.

Where Is Cybersecurity Used?

  • In government institute.
  • In any it firm.
  • In e-commerce websites.
  • In national security.
  • In healthcare sectors.
  • In educational institute.

How can we protect ourselves from cyberattack?

·     Avoid installing unusual application in your device.

·     Do not visit unsecure websites.

·     Use strong password to avoid hacking of accounts.

·     Keep updating your device regularly.

·     Random application will get installed automatically.

·     Device get heat up very quickly.

·     Show random behaviour like automatically switch off , installation of random application , random opening of application.

·     More unnecessary data will get used.



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