Top IoT Technology Trends 2022

Research Areas In IoT

Now that you are aware of the Internet of Things future facts and numbers regarding IoT, let us discuss emerging IoT trends, shall we? Past turn of events such as the unfolding of the 5G technology, latest developments in AI Blockchain, the on-going pandemic crisis will dictate the trend of IoT emerging technologies 2021. But we cannot deny the fact that the future of IoT will be smart, secure and reliable, let’s understand how

1. IoT security

Till date, security is one of the major concerns when it comes to such an extensive level of connectivity. A security vendor has detected over 100 million attacks on IoT endpoints in the first half of 2019 alone, highlighting the continued threat to unsecured connected devices. As a result, security is an evolving IoT trend and many companies around the globe are developing IoT security solutions using different technologies. 

IOT Security
IOT Security

2. IoT fueled with 5G technology

5G technology is not just a new generation of wireless technology, it is a  foundation to release the full potential of IoT thus revolutionizing technological growth. It is without a doubt that the most important internet of things emerging technologies 2021 since reliable connectivity will result in better performing IoT devices. Real time data processing, lower latency, network slicing, higher transmission speed and extensive coverage are a few things that 5G brings on the table.


3. Blockchain 

Increased adoption of blockchain technology is one of the latest IoT trends.

Blockchain can ensure data protection in IoT devices. Blockchain allows successful interaction between multiple network nodes and ensures safe record keeping and that is why it is a great fit for IoT applications since they are also distributed by nature. 

Measure Air and Water Pollution with IoT : Research topic
Temperature Sensor

4. IoT enabled AI applications

Two very different technologies such as the internet of things and artificial intelligence can together provide commercial solutions. AI algorithms now need very less data in order to deliver good and effective results. IoT development services in industries making use of these two technologies can help automate many processes and reduce downtime, reduce operating costs, increase efficiency and enable predictive maintenance.

Need of IoT: Importance of Research
Need of IoT: Importance of Research

5. Digital twins

The digital twin technology trend came into limelight in 2020. A digital twin is a virtual representation that serves as the real-time digital counterpart of a physical object or process. A digital twin can be used for multiple things such as monitoring, diagnosing, optimizing and controlling asset performance and utilization. From US $3.8 billion in 2019, the projected compound annual growth rate of the digital twins market will be US $35.8 billion by 2025.

6. Voice activated IoT devices

Amazon Echo, Siri, and Google Assistant have taken voice-based user interfaces to a different level. Voice interactions will now be used in other applications across various industries that will allow us to change settings, giving commands and receiving results from our smart devices. Banks and FinTech startups have been one of the earliest adopters of voice and speech recognition technology. Another impressive development in voice recognition technology is voice biometry. It allows organizations to create a digital profile of someone’s voice, by analyzing a series of specific characteristics such as tone, pitch, intensity, dynamics, dominant frequencies, etc. Companies are confident that this process will be more secure than the methods that are currently in place. 

Top IoT Technology Trends 2022
Research Areas In IoT

7. Smart cities 

While witnessing the emerging technologies in IoT, one cannot ignore smart cities. Since the past five years, many governmental institutions have begun IoT technology projects that will impact entire cities. With enormous amounts of data, the government will be able to implement various intelligent solutions for multiple issues like traffic congestion, citizen safety, energy utilisation, sustainable development, etc.

Top IoT Technology Trends 2022

For example: In order to improve urban planning, transportation and public safety, Singapore collects, analyzes and shares data from connected sensors.

8. Edge computing

By the end of 2021, Edge Computing is expected to increase dramatically due to distant work and COVID-19. This innovation makes new kinds of business to emerge. As per Forrester, end-of-life marketers may hold and keep a sizable offer in the public cloud market driven by the way that significant retailers, for example, HPE, Dell, and IBM are creating solutions for edges with cloud-like features. In a growing workforce, edge computing permits organizations to serve clients in new areas and back flexibility and control.

9. Traffic management

Thinking about going to the office first thing in the morning makes you go bonkers.

In any city globally, traffic and blockage are major torments that lead individuals to invest more energy and time on the road during the day. Long journeys erode economic productivity in metropolitan areas around the world, making traffic jams a significant concern.

Top IoT Technology Trends 2022

Current IoT trends recommend that IoT technology is appropriate to address this challenge. Today, many organizations are providing solutions and arrangements that mean to utilize IoT installed technology in vehicles and traffic systems to design more smart traffic networks, expected to decrease unnecessary traffic and congestion.

Business owners, entrepreneurs and governments are using IoT in order to increase work efficiency, save money, and to create a better user experience. While top IoT technologies are still in their early stage of development in many applications, their overall impact on the top industries is tremendous. Let us look into some applications in IoT devices for specific industries.

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