Latest Research Projects Ideas based on Temperature Sensor

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What is a Temperature Sensor?

A temperature sensor is a device used to measure temperature. This can be air temperature, liquid temperature or the temperature of solid matter.

There are different types of temperature sensors available and they each use different technologies and principles to take the temperature measurement.

Research Areas In IoT
Research Areas In IoT

Different Types of Temperature Sensor

Thermistors can be very small in size. They consist of a sensing element which can be either glass or epoxy coated and have 2 wires so they can be connected to an electric circuit. They measure temperature by measuring the change in resistance of the electric current. Thermistors are available as either NTC or PTC and are often low cost.

RTDs or Resistance Temperature Detectors work in a similar way to Thermistors and measure ohmic resistance to measure temperature. They are connected to a circuit in a similar way to a thermistor but they have a much wider temperature range and can measure extreme temperatures.

Thermocouples use two conductors, made up of different metals that are joined at the end to form a junction. When this junction is subjected to heat, a voltage is produced that is directly proportional to the temperature input. They are highly versatile as different metal combinations allow for different measurement ranges; however, they lack the fine accuracy of NTC’s and RTD’s making them the least precise out of the three types

Temperature Probes are a very common and diverse type of temperature sensor. They consist of either a thermistor, a thermocouple or RTD sensing element and can be finished with a terminal head. All three types of sensor can be manufactured into a variety of housing types – stock and bespoke. This allows for enhanced utility, that may span over a multitude of different environments and media that they encounter.

Latest Research Projects Ideas based on Temperature Sensor

Temperature sensor
Temperature sensor

What is a Temperature Sensor Used for?

Temperature sensors are used to measure temperature in many different applications and industries. They are all around us; present in both everyday life and more industrial settings.

Some application examples are;

Industrial Applications – Monitoring various machinery and environments, power plants, manufacturing.

Scientific and laboratory applications – Science and biotech monitoring.

Medical Applications – Patient monitoring, medical devices, gas analysis, thermodilution cardiac catheters, humidifiers, ventilator flow tubes, dialysis fluid temperature.

Motorsport – Exhaust gas, inlet air temperature, oil temperature and engine temperature measurements.

Domestic appliances – Kitchen appliances (ovens, kettles etc) as well as white goods.

HVAC applications – Heating ventilation and air conditioning devices either commercial or domesticated.

Transit – Refrigerated vans and lorries.

Temperature Sensor
Temperature Sensor

Considerations when Selecting a Temperature Sensor for your Application

When selecting a temperature sensor for use in your application you should take the following into consideration;

Temperature range – Different temperature sensors can measure different ranges and might be more accurate over a certain range. Make sure you check the range of the temperature sensor and the expected range of your application before purchasing. The range of the temperature sensor should be available on the datasheet.

Accuracy and stability – Your application may require a certain degree of accuracy; thermocouples have a higher variance in long term stability compared to thermistors and RTDs, so this is something to be aware of. The temperature sensor with the highest accuracy tends to be the glass coated NTC thermistors.

Size and Package – The space available within the application will have an effect on the type of temperature sensor selected. If space is limited, then a smaller device will be required. Package style is also important as this will determine how the temperature sensor is connected into the application and how the temperature will be measured.

Latest Research Projects Ideas based on Temperature Sensor

Below are the Temperature sensor projects . These are the heat sensor projects for engineering students. These Temperature Sensor based Projects are from various categories like GSM Projects, GPS Projects, Android projects. Also, some of these projects are mini-projects. One thing that is common in all of the below projects is that the temperature sensor is implemented in all of these sensor-based projects.

IOT based Temperature sensor projects

  • IOT based Industrial fault monitoring system using Arduino
  • IOT based Patient Health monitoring and tracking using Arduino Uno
  • IOT Weather Reporting System Project using Arduino Uno
  • IOT based Greenhouse Monitoring and Control System Project
  • IOT based Home security system project using Arduino
  • Intelligent coal mine monitoring system based on the Internet of Things

Latest Research Projects Ideas based on Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor Projects

  • Ambulance tracking with patient health monitoring system using GPS and GSM
  • Android based Home Security System using Bluetooth Technology
  • Android based Industrial fault monitoring (detection) system
  • Arduino based LPG Leakage detector with SMS indication using GSM modem
  • Arduino fire alarm system using temperature and smoke sensor with Android connectivity
  • Baby Incubator
  • Bluetooth operated robot with parameter monitoring on Android mobile
  • Cell Phone Tower Base Station Safety System using GSM technology
  • Condition Monitoring of Power Transformers
  • Digital weather station with data storage
  • GPS based Wildlife animal tracking system
  • Greenhouse environment controlling Robot
  • Greenhouse Environment Controlling with Monitoring on Android application
  • GSM based Digital weather station
  • GSM based Greenhouse Environment Monitoring and Controlling
  • GSM based Home Security System
  • GSM based Home Security System Project Working
  • GSM based Industrial Automation
  • GSM based industrial fault monitoring detection system
  • GSM based Power Transformer Parameter fault detection System
  • Intelligent Helmet for Coal Miners
  • Liquid Level Computing and Storage Device
  • Microcontroller based 4 channel Data acquisition system
  • Microcontroller based Data Logger
  • Microcontroller based Overheat detector using Temperature sensor with Buzzer indication
  • Mobile Controlled Robot
  • Monitor and Control of Greenhouse Environment
  • Public Garden Automation
  • SMS based Baby Incubator using GSM technology
  • SMS based Fire detection system using Smoke and Temperature sensor
  • SMS based Patient Monitoring using GSM modem
  • SMS based Weather report information system
  • Soldier Tracking System using GPS and GSM Modem
  • Temperature and Light Monitoring and Controlling
  • Temperature-controlled Fan speed
  • Toxic Gas Detection using GSM technology
  • Vehicle Accident Detection with GPS and GSM mode
  • Vehicle Tracking System using GPS and GSM modem

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