Artificial Intelligence Enabled Umbrella

Rain Module

Research Introduction

An umbrella is a very necessary product in the rainy season. The problem with umbrellas is that they have to be carried separately along with your other stuff and take up a hand all the time. Also, umbrellas need to be stored separately in buckets, resulting in people forgetting and losing their umbrellas in many cases.


Well, here we design smart solution to all umbrella related problems with custom solutions. Our proposed device is a backpack that has an integrated umbrella with an automatic rain sensor.There is no need to carry the umbrella separately and both hands are free even when the umbrella is open. Even opening the umbrella is an automatic process with no manual effort.

AI enabled Umbrella
AI enabled Umbrella

Advantages of Research Automated AI-Enabled

Automated AI-Enabled rain-sensing modern umbrella provides the following advantages:
Hands-free usage

AI enabled Umbrella
AI-enabled Umbrella
  • Bag attached umbrella no need to carry separately
  • No risk of forgetting or loosing umbrella
  • Automatic opening closing on button press
  • Rain sensing feature for automatic opening
  • Protects from rain as well as sunlight as needed


Latest Research Topic : Artificial Intelligence Enabled Umbrella
AI Enabled Umbbrella

The rain sensor is used to detect rain.

Nowadays, conserving water as well as its proper usage is essential in everyone’s life. Here is a sensor namely rain sensor which is used to detect the rain and generate an alarm. So, we can conserve water to use it later for different purposes. There are several methods available for conserving water like harvesting, etc Using this method we can increase the level of underground water. These sensors are mainly used in the field like




communication, etc.

This article discusses a simple as well as reliable sensor module which can be available at low cost in the market.

What is a Rain Sensor?

A rain sensor is one kind of switching device which is used to detect the rainfall. It works like a switch and the working principle of this sensor is, whenever there is rain, the switch will be normally closed.

Rain Sensor Module

The rain sensor module/board is shown below. Basically, this board includes nickel coated lines and it works on the resistance principle. This sensor module permits to gauge moisture through analog output pins & it gives a digital output while moisture threshold surpasses.

Latest Research Topic : Artificial Intelligence Enabled Umbrella
Latest Research Topic : Artificial Intelligence Enabled Umbrella


When rain is detected, the sensor sends a trigger to the Arduino controller. The Arduino now operates the motors to open the small screen shed to protect users from the rain.

In addition, the opening and closing process of the umbrella can be activated by the user at the touch of a button.

Latest Research Topic : Artificial Intelligence Enabled Umbrella
Latest Research Topic : Artificial Intelligence Enabled Umbrella


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